Part 2: Peak 20 Workout Summer Shape up Series: Sexy Arms

Along with the butt that we discussed in PART 1

of the Peak 20 Workout Summer Shape up Series the arms are among the body parts that we all work hard to show off during skin showing season.

First, let’s discuss how you can save time because if youre like any of the people that I train you really don’t have much time to spend hours in the gym. To save time and make the most of your sexy arms workout:

focus on total body exercise

Focus on multijoint movements such as the chest press, the pushups, pushups with a row and squat reach.

Your sexy arms workout:

-perform as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes
-perform 10-12 repetitions of each
-perform mountain climbers in between each exercise

• Mountain climbers (legs, overall conditioning)
o Bend down with hands in front of feet on the floor.
o Extend to pushup position.
o Kick one leg back while keeping on toes.
o Support body with hands and bent leg.
o Keep head in line with body and stomach.
o Keep stomach contracted throughout.
o Bring right knee to chest and back to starting position.
o Alternate this movement quickly between right and left leg.

-repeat the whole circuit 3 times

• Dumbbell squat press (total body)

• While holding dumbbells at each sides of shoulders with palms faced forward.
• Stand with legs shoulder width apart and feet pointing out about 20 degrees.
• Keep knees slightly bent.
• Slowly lower body.
• Maintain the natural arch in lower back.
• Slowly straighten legs and rise back up while contracting glutes and hamstrings.
• Press dumbbells straight up, and at arms’ length overhead.
• Lower the weights slowly back to starting position.
• repeat

• Dumbbell push up with a row (abs, back, arms, shoulders)
o Begin in the up position of the push up with dumbbells in hands on floor
o Keep head up and face forward.
o Perform a push up and then perform a row with the left had by raising elbow up to the air.
o Place the left hand back down on the floor
o Perform a push up
o Perform another row with the right elbow
Repeat from the first push up

• Bent-over row (back, arms)
o Stand with legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
o Bend upper body just short of parallel to floor while holding a set of dumbbells.
o Pull dumbbells up towards chest.
o Contract lats until r elbows are pointing up.
o Do not jerk body.
o Return to the starting position with control.
o Keep back flat.

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Peak 20 Workout Summer Shape up Series Part 1: Sexy Butt

Part 1: 3 butt exercises you must keep in your summer shape up routine

What a great feeling knowing that summer is almost here. We won’t have to bundle up anymore as we do during the winter months up here in the northeast. We can be free and show some skin. Sweet! Are you prepared to do that? To help you prepare for skin showing season I am going to post a series of blog posts here at each with exercises that you must not leave out of your summer shape up routine.
Don’t worry about not having a gym membership or access to fancy gym equipment. These exercises only require your body and 2 dumbbells. Also, since these exercises work a lot at once you are guaranteed to burn fat.
Let’s start the series off with exercises to give you a sexy butt.

Here are 3 exercises that will give you a killer butt:

1) Squat w/ back kick
• Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart
• Hold your arms out in front of you
• Squat down and keep the butt as far back as it can go
• Rise back up and extend the right leg behind you
• Repeat from the first step / but the fourth step will be a kick back with your left leg this time

2) Wall squat
• Stand facing a wall with arms straight up in the air
• Squat down as low as you can go while staying as close the wall as possible without touching the wall
• Rise up and repeat

3) Step Downs
• Stand on a platform such as a bench or a plyo box or sturdy chair
• Extend one leg back down onto the floor
• Lower the body while flexing the knee of the foot left on the platform
• Return to original position with both feet on the platform
• Repeat and alternate which leg goes down first

Your sexy butt workout:
-perform 10-12 repetitions of each
-perform jumping jacks in between each exercise
-repeat the whole circuit 3 times

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How to Optimize Your Time in the Gym With Your Post Workout Meal

To design a sexy body requires rest, exercise and healthy nutritional habits. When it comes to nutrition it matters what is consumed before and it especially matters what is consumed after the workout for the day. The goal of the post workout meal is to promote recovery and growth and repair of damaged tissue. The post workout meal maximizes your efforts in the gym thus it is possible for your efforts to go to waste if not eating properly exercise.

Here is more on why the post workout meal is important. After a workout, it is essential to quickly refill the body with the needed nutrients to start the repair and rebuilding process. This is important no matter what your fitness goals are. The meals after your workout should include carbs and protein. During a workout muscle carbohydrate depletion will occur. The body uses carbs for energy so your meal must include carbohydrates. And protein is needed to rebuild muscles. Again, this is needed no matter your fitness goals. Remember that planning is key for success here. You've failed to plan when you say you didn't eat a meal at all after your workout because you didn't have the time to prepare anything. As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.

Remember, the goal of the post workout meal is not to make you fat, but to promote workout recovery. This is why it is important what is consumed after the workout.

Here are great options especially if you are a busy person:

• low fat chocolate milk
• protein shakes
• nutrition bars
• yogurt and fresh fruit

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5 fat loss excuses to STOP hiding behind

Fitness professionals will agree that they hear these excuses all of the time. It's so common for people to hide behind excuses so that they don't have to put much effort in at the gym as they should. If you're serious about results then give up these fat loss excuses that are really holding you back or keep wasting your time and never see the results that you want. These are 5 common excuses that gym members hide behind:

1) "Any exercise is better than no exercise"
Just because you do a little walking to the bus stop each day, a little running to catch the train and a little walking around the office all day doesn't mean you're getting enough exercise for the day. 30 minutes a day at moderate intensity is the requirement or 20 minutes a day of more intense work for real results.

2) "I'm too busy at work to eat properly"
Well if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Before the next work day or over the weekend before the next week you should:

A) Pack your snacks and leave them at your desk so that you will avoid the vending machines
B) Invest in ready to drink shakes, nutrition bars, almonds, water, fresh fruit, and yogurt

3) "I'm embarrassed to work out at the gym"
It's time to stop giving other gym members (or anyone) the power to keep you overweight or to keep you from reaching your goals. If you're a member of a gym then use it up. Put on your head phones and ignore the crowd around you.

4) "I don't have anyone to workout with"
This is another common excuse to not live by. If you desperately need someone to workout with then hire a certified personal trainer, join a boot camp group and make friends, or find a trainer who conducts semi-private group sessions and ask him or her if they know of anyone who you can be matched up with in a group training session. Anyway, gym time isn't socializing time. If your excuse is you need someone to spot you then you should ask a trainer walking the floor for help. Be creative on your own.

5) "I don't like to sweat"
Bring a towel and shower afterwards. You'll be good as new. I really don't know what to say here other than, wow, you'd really stay overweight and unhealthy because you don't want to sweat? I am not sure which you'd benefit more from here - keeping dry and not moving or sweating and doing what it takes to turn your body into a fat burning machine. Let me think about that one.

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