3 Keys to Forming and Maintaining Your Own Fat Loss Support System

Just as important as a well balanced diet featuring proteins, carbs, fats and fiber and dynamic total body workouts in any weight loss program is a fat loss support system. One of the tools one must keep in his/her tool box is a handful of supportive people. With influential people in your fat loss arsenal your chance of success sky rockets.

Don't you hate when you're out with friends while you're on a workout program or trying to keep up your superb eating habits and they insist that you have one more sugary drink or they insist that you get that dessert? Don't you also hate when they justify for you by saying stuff like "oh come on, you don't need to lose weight", or "one piece isn't going to do anything to you"? Yeah, thanks for the support, friends! How do they know that this one is the only one that you've had this week, or how do they know how far you are from your goals and how hard you have to work to get there? Anyway one tip to deal with that is simply by lying. It's OK to lie here. Say you're too full or you've stuffed yourself during the day. Or say you've got a headache.

Not saying to dump your friends but here are 3 keys to forming and maintaining your own fat loss support system.

1) Make the phone calls:

As soon as you decide that you will start your fat loss program call up your friends and or family members who you can lean on and trust and tell them that you are starting your new fat loss program today and that you're serious about your results. By putting your goals out there in the air you'll want to work hard to reach them.

2) Working with this group:

Your support group isn't going to get off that easy just by saying "OK, good luck" after that phone call. Give them duties.

a) Email, text, instant message or call them each time you miss or make it to a workout.
b) Invite them to join you in the gym for the first part of your new program.
c) Email your workout schedule to them so they can help to keep you on track.

Once you create your workout schedule and make your workouts consistently for a few weeks you'll be able to fly on your own. Don't forget to tell your support group how much you appreciate them.

3) How to pick them:

Look everywhere. But start with people you can trust to help and influence you. Consider the active people in your life. They'd probably love to join you.

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5 Keys to Real Fat Loss

Often fitness professionals get asked how one can burn fat in certain areas of the body. To burn fat and to keep it off takes some work. Instead of going for that fad diet save yourself some time and do what actually works.

Here are 5 keys to guaranteed fat loss.

1) Perform active rest
For fat loss constant movement is a requirement. To sit on during a weight machine during a workout and rest for 30 seconds in between exercises will take 1 million years for one to burn fat. Skip the weight machines completely, stand up and lift free weights. In between the exercises of your workout perform jumping jacks or mountain climbers for 30 seconds.

2) Perform dynamic exercises
Unless you absolutely love spending hours in the gym spend less time in the gym with exercises that work more muscle groups at one time. This is one guaranteed way to make you lose some fat. Super exercises for fat loss are the squat, jump rope, mountain climbers and the bent over row.

3) Resistance train
Aerobic gym classes are ok as a part of your workout program. I wouldn't rely solely on them as they do not progress you. For better fat loss results perform some form of resistance training. Body weight exercises and free weights are great for this. An aesthetically pleasing body will come. Also when you lose the weight you wouldn't want your skin to just hang there right?

4) Make small tweaks
There is always something you can change about your lifestyle to ensure you lose fat and keep it off. Small tweaks go far. Try cutting out bagels for breakfast and cut out the sugary drinks. You'll notice a difference in how you look and feel.

5) Plan
The most successful people in the world take the time to plan. Sit down and think why you've got to lose weight - is it because of your family health history or to make that special someone look at you more? Then sit down and map out your daily schedule and where you can fit 15-20 minutes in for exercise.

Find free fat burning workouts at

Natasha Linton
Top Rising Star in Personal Training
-National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum

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Getting the fat loss results you want from weight machines?

Free weights vs. weight machines
Since the 1970’s the Nautilus machines have been promising awesome results in little time and one body part at a time. And since the 1970’s gym members wanting results from performing a circuit workout on those machines have yet to see real results. This is one reason avid gym goers still look the same as they did last year and not any more defined and not any smaller. These machines are attractive to gym members because they are easy to use and require little instruction. All you have to do is look at the picture on the machine to see how to sit and move. This is also one reason gyms carry them. They really don’t have to have anyone coach/teach users.
Furthermore, our bodies aren’t meant to be divided up for anything. To function properly we must train it as one unit and not many smaller units.

Also, it is impossible to train 1 body part. For example, the biceps and triceps work together when performing a bicep curl. On any day in the gym one can be seen spotted nicely buckled up in their little seatbelts on the machines and pretty much asleep between each exercise.

The weight machines are not beneficial for function. Training must mimic normal body movement and the activity in which you participate. For example the squat mimics sitting down and standing up, picking something up from the floor and reaching for something. Also, it will not work to first practice on a machine and then move to free weights as the movements are not similar and will not transfer to free weights. Start with free weights and stay there.

Here’s a comparison of free weights and the weight machines that will make you consider not putting your litte tush anywhere near those machines.

• The weight machines don’t allow the body to move as intended rather users are forced to move the way the machine is built and dictates. It is very important to move the body through its full range of motion. For you to be able to forever move as intended.

• The machines are easy to learn and easy to fall asleep on too.

• No real strength or fat loss is achieved on these. For fat loss you’ve got to get on your feet and keep moving through the workout.

• The gyms benefit more by :

o not having to hire educated employees to teach gym members how to use these machines.

o and workouts are done in 30 minutes leading to more traffic in the gyms

• Free weights will make your body perform better.

• Free weights are great for balance, coordination, and control as all these come into play during any free weight exercise.

• 100s of exercises can be created with free weights. No reason to ever get bored.

• One doesn’t have to join the gym to use free weights.

If you are not sure how to weight train with either kettle bells, dumbbells, etc. ask gym staff, get a trainer and do your own research. Stand up and get your move on like you’ve got some life in you. Also, you’ll look much better.

Natasha Linton
"Top Rising Star in Personal Training"
-National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum

Got Pain? Roll it Out!

If you’re an athlete or avid fitness enthusiast you’ve most likely experienced pain or soreness around the hips and the knees which are very common areas for pain in active people. Overuse and inflexibility are causes. In short, tight quads or tight IT bands (iliotibial band) which are connective tissue (fascia) that run from the pelvis to below the knee (primary function is to stabilize the leg when in movement) are most likely causing the pain. The exact location of the pain depends on the sport or activity in which you participate.

Furthermore, there’s no need to let the pain keep you sidelined from your next awesome workout (depending on the severity of the pain) when you can ease the pain on your own. Stretching is good but using a foam roller is great for getting rid of the knots that are the cause of the pain.

To alleviate the pain spend a few minutes before each workout with a foam roller and perform what’s called self-myofascial release. If your gym doesn’t have any foam rollers suggest they get some or get your own.

Besides getting rid of the knots, another use for the foam roller is practicing balance exercises.

Here are easy to follow instructions on how to use the foam roller and for their uses provided by PerformBetter Launch

To get your own: PerformBetter


Natasha Linton
"Top Rising Star in Personal Training"
-National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum

A Better Workout for Sexy Abs

I can bet you that in some gym at this very moment someone is spending quite some time on the gym floor crunching away like there’s no tomorrow. Here's how to not make this mistake.

Among the most common mistakes in the gym is when gym members especially overweight gym members perform 80 crunches a day expecting to totally transform his/her physique. This is a total waste of time when they should be focusing their efforts on more effective exercises. Sadly, I even see personal trainers making their clients do millions of crunches at the end of a workout. There’s no need to ever get on your back for a nice tummy. A better way of working your abs is to make them a part of a total body workout during the workout rather than at the end of a split routine ( which is a workout based on a specific body part each day).

Furthermore, the best and more functional exercises are the ones that work more body parts at one time. This not only makes your body look great, it makes your body work better.

Here is an awesome workout that will produce a great mid section. For results keep committed. Perform this 3 times a week with another activity (sport, gym class, workout DVD etc) on the days off of this workout. Try it for a few weeks.

1) Plank (abs and back)
Hold for 30 seconds
• Lie face down with forearms and palms flat on floor.
• Raise up onto toes and rest on elbows.
• Keep back flat.
• Contract abs to keep from raising rear end in the air.

2) Squat front kick (abs and legs)
Perform for 30 seconds
• Stand with feet a little closer than shoulder width apart.
• Raise the right knee up and extend into a front kick.
• Bring that leg back down to the floor
• Lower down to a squat
• Repeat on the left leg

3) Spiderman Pushups (abs, shoulders, arms)
Perform 8 on each side
• Start in up part of the push up position
• As you lower your body, lift your right foot off of the floor and bring your knee towards your head. Rotate your shoulders and look at your right knee.
• Put your foot back down and rotate your body back to facing forward.
• Repeat on the left side

Perform 3 rounds

Natasha Linton
"Top Rising Star in Personal Training"
-National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum