A Quick Holiday Upper Body Workout

The holiday season is actually a great time to get your workout in. Think about it, you're most likely off from school and work, and now have more time for the gym. If you are going away plan your workouts ahead of time.

Today while on vacation in Orlando Florida, I visited the local YMCA. My upper workout was short but sweet! I have no bad feelings at all about not being able to get my workout in. I love it!

Here's a great upper body workout for when you are short on time. This workout only requires 2 dumbbells and 1 bar / barbell. Body parts worked here are your biceps, triceps, chest and back.

Move as fast as you can, and perform as many sets of this as you can.

15 x dumbbell reciprocal chest press (alternate arms as fast as you can)
15 x barbell bent over row
12 x dumbbell reciprocal chest press (alternate arms as fast as you can)
12 x barbell bent over row
9 x dumbbell reciprocal chest press (alternate arms as fast as you can)
9 x barbell bent over row
6 x dumbbell reciprocal chest press (alternate arms as fast as you can)
6 x barbell bent over row


Natasha Linton
"Top Rising Star in Personal Training"
-National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum

5 Waste of Time Exercises

If your goal is to burn the most fat in the least amount of time then stop spending so much time on these 5 exercises.

1) The bicep curl
2) The tricep extension
3) Seated leg extension
4) The assisted crunch (on machine)
5) The abductor (on machine)

Here's why:
First of all rather than dividing your workouts up into body parts (legs today, triceps tomorrow, shoulders the day after) focus on the whole body each time you exercise. This is safe if you're just trying to lose weight and "tone up". If you happen to be in too much pain, go easy or skip the day. With total body you're getting more bang for your buck.
Often I see gym members standing around bicep curling all day and pausing and sitting in between sets for 30 seconds or so. This won't get you what you're looking for in your physique. For weight loss you've got to constantly move and focus on movements that work more muscle groups at once. For example the seated row, the bent over row and the standing row work the arms and back. All rows lead to great arms. Other exercises that work alot at once are the squat, the lunge and the over head press.

So unless you are mixing in these 5 exercises with other exercises I'd skip them.

Stay tuned for more on these and other uber beneficial exercises.

Natasha Linton
Top Rising Star in Personal Training
-National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum

Your Snowed In Workout!

Snow's got you locked in the house today? Think you have to miss a workout day because of the bad weather outside? Here is a workout that you can do indoors. The only equipment needed are a chair and your body.
This workout will get your heart rate up, will work the whole body and will get you sweating. Also, it shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes. You can get your exercise in for the day and have time to complete your chores.

Here goes:
- 15x Fast body weight squats (let your arms swing naturally)
- 15x Pushups (0n your knees or on your toes)
- Jumping jacks for 20-30 seconds
- 15x Reverse lunges (stationary)
- 15x Chair dips

Repeat this workout 2 or 3 times.

Natasha Linton
NYC Personal Trainer

10 Exercise Myths that Will Hold You Back

#1 You need to spend more than 30 minutes on cardio machines to see optimal results.

#2 You must spend 2 hours in the gym everyday to lose weight and get defined.

#3 To get "toned" it makes a difference whether or not you do your cardio work before or after your weight training.

#4 Cardio is the best way to burn fat.

#5 It's best to break up your workout program by body part to not burn yourself out. ( arms today, back tomorrow)

#6 You need to specifically focus on your abs , both upper and lower (First of all, there is no such thing as lower abs) to get definition.

#7 It's impossible to get an efficient total body workout in less than an hour.

#8 You need to do tons of bicep curls for great biceps.

#9 You need big gym equipment to get a good workout.

#10 Light weight and lots of reps will get you "toned".

Stay tuned for more ,and the truth..

Natasha Linton
NYC Personal Trainer
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Deekron The Fitness DJ

There's nothing like hot tunes pumping in your gym class or in your ears while working out to keep you motivated to work hard each time.

For cool world, house and latin workout music to sweat to I highly recommend "Deekron, The Fitness DJ". Whether you're an instructor or fitness enthusiast each track on his CDs will bring your gym session to another level.

His motto is "bringing the power of the dance floor to the gym floor". He knows and understands the power that music has over a workout. Top instructors and fitness magazines all turn to Deekron for his music.

For more information check him out on iTunes for a workout compilation for yourself.

Runners check out his site for FREE running podcasts:


Check out his record label for latest releases such as the the featured So Intense Volume 2 which is great for high impact work:

Natasha Linton
NYC Personal Trainer
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