What Motivates You?

What motivates you?

Natasha Linton
NYC Personal Trainer
Peak 20 Workout

Circuit City

as written for Oxygen Network

When you want results and when you want ‘em fast throw some intense circuit training in the mix. By keeping your heart rate up while working all of your major muscle groups with no rest in between sets the pounds will shed very quickly. This is because you’re killing a few birds w/ one stone. For jaw dropping results include mat exercises, cardio, and weight training in your circuits.

Natasha Linton

NYC Personal Trainer
Peak 20 Workout

The Squat

Here’s an exercise that works at least 270 muscles at one time.

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart

Keep your knees slightly bent

Lower your body

Maintain the natural arch in your lower back

Straighten your legs and rise back up while contracting your glutes and hamstrings

Let your arms swing naturally

Do this as fast as you can after every other exercise during your workout

Natasha Linton
NYC Personal Trainer
Peak 20 Workout

50 Ways to Kick a Plateau and Shed Fat

1) Cut out the bagels for breakfast

2) Cut out the sodas

3) Progress your exercises

4) Drink more water

5) Take a rest day

6) Change your workout weekly

7) Limit your sodium intake

8) Shorten the rest periods between your sets

9) Focus on total body workouts

10) Get into a new activity

11) Go harder

12) Try a new modality

13) Add some incline to your treadmill walk

14) Get familiar with the glycemic index

15) Start eating breakfast

16) Drink moderately

17) Consistency is key

18) Carry a water bottle everywhere

19) Change your running course

20) Snack better throughout the day

21) Plan your snacks

22) Add fish to your diet

23) Don’t completely leave the carbs out

24) Sign up / train for something new like a race

25) Beat stress- relax, get a message, keep good company

26) Invest in a personal trainer

27) Fight it off- take up boxing fitness

28) Pump iron

29) Have an activity for every season- such as running, and skiing

30) Step away from the weight machines- use free weights

31) Circuit train

32) Add active rests to your workouts

33) Skip the dessert

34) Stop doubting yourself

35) Plan your meals

36) Plan your workouts

37) Run intervals

38) Perform your reps for time instead of number of reps

39) Move alot

40) Grill

41) Keep motivated

42) Learn a brand new exercise and do it

43) Jump rope

44) Get enough sleep at night

45) Drop the sugary juices

46) Get rid of even your DIET sodas

47) Change your gym class schedule

48) Super set

49) Make sure that your gym class progress your exercises

50) Keep moving during your workout session

Natasha Linton
NYC Personal Trainer
Peak 20 Workout

Push ups

For a great upper body workout that costs nothing, requires very little space, calls for no equipment and works alot at once try pushups:

· Start in the up position with your stomach down and legs straight out behind you

· Make sure your hands are a little wider than shoulder width apart

· Keep your head up and face forward.

· Breathe in on your way down and breathe out on your way up

· Straighten your arms as you push up ·

Don’t slouch- your back must remain straight

· Keep stomach tight


If straight legged push ups are difficult at first, you’ll also get results by bending at the knees and keeping your knees on the floor

Natasha Linton
NYC Personal Trainer
Peak 20 Workout