PRODUCT REVIEW: Munitio Nines Earbuds

Since I first came across them online a few months ago, I’ve been hooked on Munitio for so many reasons. First the branding is sharp. I can’t get enough of their sleek black look that’s maintained across their social media outlets, their packaging and their website. To young entrepreneurs this is a great company from which to learn branding and consistency.

The Munitio Nines ear buds
The Nines come with a cable clip, a carry case, four sets of silicon hollow points and two ear hooks. I’ve tested these Nines in the gym during intense workouts and on the road running and can tell you they were definitely designed for fit and comfort. The hooks weren’t even needed.

Next, the sound quality is top notch. Not just for working out, but I love my music and my music has to sound just right. The Munitio Nines feel like a whole studio sound system in your ears. These little sexy things provide full smooth sound that you feel all over without any distortion over the crispness.

Lastly, the built in mic lets you take calls.

I’ve been working out with these since my pregnancy earlier this year and these headphones definitely played a part in getting me to the gym when it was tough and helping me reach my post preggers fitness goals.

Visit their site for more information and for other products Munitio offers.

Natasha Linton
"Top Rising Star in Personal Training"
-National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum