Muscle Milk NYC is Hiring

PT Job Duties
Protein Trainer

This position is ideal for someone looking for a fun, part-time job that loves interacting with people and has a passion for fitness!! Full details below. Read to the very end to see if this is the right fit for you.

PT Mission:
The P.T.s are a group of active, personable and knowledgeable individuals tasked to provide unique, interactive and educational consumer experiences regarding the functional benefit of Muscle Milk in order to drive brand trial and loyalty. Team members must be passionate about health, fitness and the Muscle Milk Brand, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with both new and existing consumers. P.T.s will report to the Switch Project Manager but take day to day direction from the local BAMM (Brand Area Market Manager).

PT Core Requirements:
 must be at least 18 years old, have had a valid drivers license for three years and be eligible to work in the United States
 must have a clean driving record and be able to pass a drug test
 must provide proof of attending a driver safety program (if under 21)
 experience in understanding of consumer promotions and field based events
 knowledge of the local market, local current events, and surrounding areas
 must have daily access to a computer capable of running Microsoft Excel and Word, a printer, working internet connection, and e-mail account
 flexibility to work days, nights, weekends, and holidays as needed, as well as the potential for overnight travel as directed by BAMM
 must be available to work various shifts in a 24 hour period; projected to work part-time up to 30 hours per week
 must be physically fit and able to perform job duties listed below:
o ability to lift 50 lbs, load, set up, execute and tear down multiple times daily
o must be able to stand and remain mobile for extended periods of time during sampling missions
o must be able to sit for extended periods of time in the Muscle Milk sampling vehicle during missions with long drive times
 must have a cell phone
 must possess a clean-cut, active, natural appearance with no excessive exposed tattoos or piercings while representing Muscle Milk
 experience playing competitive sports a plus

PT Key Skills:
 strong networking and relationship building skills, ability to interact with anyone at anytime, must possess a charismatic and outgoing personality
 ability to multi task and prioritize responsibilities
 resourcefulness to improvise and creatively solve problems
 enjoys face-to-face contact with consumers
 ability to take direction while adding to it knowledge gained in the field
 excellent communication, public speaking, and strong organizational skills
 team player that can demonstrate passion and dedication to the brand
 must be a self starter, be punctual, and reliable in regards to responsibilities

PT Job Duties
PT / Protein Trainer (cont.)

PT Core Responsibilities:
 communicate full product attributes to public during sampling events
 at the direction of the BAMM:
• load and unload product samples into branded vehicle on a daily basis
• carry samples in a backpack in public and into public and private venues
• hand out product samples to the consumer
• delivery of product to various locations as directed by BAMM
• potential stocking and building of displays for various stores carrying
 embrace, understand, and implement the Muscle Milk brand strategy
 suggest to BAMM opportunity for future missions and events
 contribute solutions and direction to best complete market goals
 at the direction of the BAMM implement event logistics which include:
• pre-event preparations with event/venue contact
• setting up and breaking down of event materials
• gathering the crowd, greeting and educating the audience on the product
 at the direction of the BAMM assist in training additional temporary staff as necessary
 at the direction of the BAMM maintain accuracy of product inventory and all program equipment
 responsible for reporting time, expenses, and other daily/weekly/monthly paperwork as needed to Switch manager
 at the direction of the BAMM maintain daily sample counts and inventory of all product and POS
 reports to and communicates at all times with BAMM and Switch manager
 operate a branded vehicle (Jeep Wrangler) safely and in compliance with Switch policies and procedures and all federal, state and local laws and regulations
 must stay in compliance with the P.T. Uniform Guidelines at all times
 $13/hour wage

Interested? Send resume along with a picture of you doing something you love to:

Natasha Linton
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-National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum
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