It's already yours so go for it!

Why not make sure you have all of the things in life that are yours? Unless you really enjoy sitting back and watching others get it. There's more pleasure in getting it than just wishing for it. That body that you want is yours, those amazing body transformation results are yours, those awesome before and after pictures are yours. All you have to do is go after them.

To get them, there is no correct way to start, as long as you start. Begin with a plan. Take a moment to sit alone and think about all of the benefits and how much your life will be better once you start that fat loss plan and keep going. Jot your thoughts down as well.

Next, create your own circle of support by telling your friends. This group will help motivate by cheering you on and maybe even by joining you on this endeavor. Your chance of success is better with a buddy.

Lastly, execute! Start by whipping out your calendar and setting some dates and specific times. Once you write it down and fit exercise into your calendar you have a better chance of success as well. No need to go all out immediately, fit in 2 - 3 days your first week. Then add more the following weeks.

Remember, nothing motivates like results. Get some!

Natasha Linton
"Top Rising Star in Personal Training"
-National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum

Peak 20 Worout Creator