Take a hike for a rearend makeover

Many of you are worried about what shape your tush will have on that upcoming summer vacation. Here's an exercise that will give you a tight butt to incorporate into your fitness program now.

This will not only sculpt your tush, but other benefits of this exercise are it is also a great way to shape up your legs, it is great for burning calories and developing cardio strength. You can do this on the days that you set aside for your cardio.

Equipment: A treadmill

-Work your way up to an incline of 12-15 at 2-3 mph
-While walking squeeze your tush with each wide stride using your heels
-Remember to keep your stomach tight. You'll keep your abs working as well
-Try this 4 times a week for 45-60 minutes.

Don't forget about your weight training on the other days. Also, grab your water bottle as hydration is super important, get your favorite tunes in your ears and go for it.

Here's to a perky bottom!

Natasha Linton
Peak 20 Worout Creator