Folks often ask what the heck are some of the healthy snacking options for them during the day. Plenty are out there. One great selection to throw in your lunch bag is pop chips. These chips are tastier and better for you than a lot of the other chip options out there.

As in the name they are popped and not fried or baked. This is what makes them healthier and flavorful. Among their flavors are barbeque, sweet potato and jalepeno. Along with the label on the bags, check out the company’s pledge.

“our pledge: no fake colors, no fake flavors, no preservatives, no fluorescent orange fingertips, and no wiping your greasy chip hand on your jeans. no, really. we only use ingredients you can feel good about eating. and we leave out the bad stuff, like hydrogenated oils and msg, that give snacking a bad name. because popchips have no preservatives, make sure to get a good chip clip after opening the bag to keep our popped chips fresh. or better yet, just eat them all at once.”

Enjoy it alongside a Greek yogurt or even with peanut butter on the plain ones and feel good about yourself for not going to the snack machine.

Natasha Linton
"Top Rising Star in Personal Training"
-National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum

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