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Tracy Pendergast, Model, Actress,New York, NY

"First of all, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of you, I felt confident and beautiful at my wedding. Thank you so much for your encouragement and for your friendship in the months leading up to our big day-
I couldn't have done it without you."


Senior Fitness Editor, FITNESS Magazine, New York, NY

"Great total body routine with @Peak20Workout this morning! All you need is 20 minutes to target every muscle and get your heart rate up." (from Twitter)


Jordan Veatch-Goffi, Founder, Doce Vida Fitness, New York, NY

"Love Peak20. The results I am feeling in my body are incredible!"

Dr. John Spencer Ellis, CEO of National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, Executive Producer of The Compass, Orange County, CA

"I have always been impressed with the passion, dedication and talent of Natasha Linton. As someone who always strives to learn and expand her talents, she exemplifies a true fitness and wellness professional. She has my highest endorsement!"


Victoria Licata, Production Assistant,, New York, NY

"As I was looking through the wonderful Vanessa Alfano’s I came across her fitness section which featured Natasha Linton Top Rising Star in Personal Training. I decided to read a little about Natasha’s Peak20 workout which is six weeks of intense workouts three to four times a week, and only twenty minutes a workout. When I saw only twenty minutes she had me hooked.

I have always been skeptical about what programs really work and who to trust, but being that I know Vanessa Alfano would never steer a girl wrong, I decided that maybe I would try out Natasha’s program. I couldn’t afford a gym and I lack the motivation needed to work out after a really long day of work. I was stagnant and not working out at all. So I figured, what do I have to lose?

Well after completing her six week program, I did have something to lose, inches off my chest, waist and hips. A total of 6 lbs! I couldn’t believe the results. I saw myself slimming down by the week. Not only were these exercises made to sculpt my body and help me shed the inches, but I didn’t even have to leave my house. Natasha designs the programs around what you have access to in your own home. I put my sneakers on, grabbed my 8 lb dumbbells, and jammed out to my favorite tunes. My arms are finally toned which I haven’t seen since high school, my abs are existent, and my butt and legs (which were my trouble area) have toned up for bikini season. My entire body has transformed, toned up, and feels much more agile.

And what else that’s great is that I didn’t have to follow a specific diet. I hate dieting just as much as the next person and will not partake in a specific diet plan. But I found that choosing healthier foods and eating the correct portions was all I needed to start doing. I am feeling much more energized and have a renewed sense of self. Not to mention all of the compliments I have been receiving from family and friends!

Thanks to Natasha I am fearless facing the almighty bikini. And I have an excuse to go shopping, for smaller clothes!"


Audrey, New York, NY

"You are an amazing instructor! My Peak 20 Workout is a better overall workout than a 5 mile run".


Hank, New York, NY

"The program was great. I really enjoyed it. It was quick and you really felt like you spent hours in the gym. Physical I feel great, my waist is smaller, I have more energy, and I'm back into working out. Thank you for everything".


Chelsea Jacobson, Executive Producer, New York, NY

"I love it! It's like a whirlwind."


Kyle Polk, New York, NY

"After just a few workouts I noticed cuts in my arms and stomach. Also, by the end of the program my posture improved."